A magnet for new business.

Businesses large and small rely on Kauff’s Signs to promote their brand while on the road. With a magnetic sign, it takes just a few seconds to transform any vehicle into a rolling advertisement. No matter where you drive or park, a magnetic sign spreads the word about your brand. Kauff’s Signs can create a sign that fits your vehicle–and sells your business.

Magnetic signs are great for advertising, but they also help build brand recognition. They provide a cohesive, professional image every time one of your staff members pulls into a parking lot, proudly advertising your logo, message and contact information.

Magnetic signs are designed to last between six and 12 months. Our quantity discounts make it easy to order in bulk, equipping your vehicles with signs on both the driver and passenger sides. In recent years, magnetic signs have exploded in popularity as business owners appreciate the affordable, effective advertising medium.

Plain and simple: magnetic signs are easy to make and use. They can be placed on the metal area of any vehicle without damaging the paint, and are easily removed at any time. We know that not many small businesses have a whole fleet of dedicated vehicles. Magnetic signs transform your personal vehicle into a dedicated company car in less than a minute, making you look instantly more professional.

Kauff’s Signs makes the process of printing magnetic signs as easy as possible. All we need to know is what you want on it. Send us the image digitally, or provide a hand-drawn sketch that one of our designers will interpret. In most cases, we can produce the sign you want in just a few hours.

We produce our magnetic signs on the best printers available. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the industry’s cutting-edge printing trends, which means we regularly upgrade our equipment to keep pace. With our help, your logo and message printed on a magnetic sign will be just that–a magnet–for new business.