Put your best face forward with our creative sign solutions.

Street Signs

Outdoor signs tell the world who you are, draw attention to your presence and promote what makes your brand unique! The experts at KAUFF’s can assist you with signage projects of any scope, from outdoor event signage to commercial, architectural and real estate signs. Our outdoor signage solutions include yard signs, sidewalk signs, promotional materials and graphics of all kinds.

3D Letters

What’s one of the most important marketing tools for any business? Your sign! Outdoor signage will:

  • Grab the customer’s attention
  • Tell them what you offer
  • Motivate them to take action

Signage offers a high audience reach for a relatively low cost. In fact, when it comes to outdoor signage, the cost per thousand impressions is significantly lower than TV, radio and print media advertising.

Kauff's Palm Beach Gardens

At KAUFF’s Signs, we take your vision and match it with unparalleled industry knowledge and the latest digital imaging technology. We deliver the clearest and most effective outdoor signage on the market, within budget and on schedule. We offer a wide range of cost-effective outdoor signage solutions to help make your message visible to the world.

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